Entry to Soulfood is by audition. We conduct auditions on a rolling basis but can only fill positions as they become available.


Step 1 – Send us a video or audio clip

If you'd like to audition we would love to hear you sing. What we ask is that you first send us a short video of you singing something solo a cappella. This doesn't have to be anything flash, just a smartphone self-made video will do. If you don't have any way to take a short video, then we'll accept an audio submission as well. We don't need to hear you do an entire song, just a 1-2 minute except so we can get a sense of your voice range and type and assess whether it will fit and compliment the blend we currently have.


If you're wondering what sort of song to sing, we'd suggest something upbeat that's in one of the genres we perform (jazz, soul, pop). Singing a ballad won't help us understand how you fit in with our style, which is quite rhythmic.  Feel free to choose one of the upbeat songs from our repertoire or one of your own that seems similar style-wise.


Then if you are a good fit we will move onto ……


Step 2 – Visit us at rehearsal

We always ask prospective members to join us at rehearsal because we believe that you need to try to before you buy! We want to make sure you feel comfortable in the group, and it's what you're looking for.


At the open rehearsal you will be encouraged to sit in and be part of the choir, participate in warm-ups, and rehearse with the relevant section for sectional workshops if they are happening. At the end of this time our Artistic Director or another choir member will meet with you and run you through the audition process so you know what to expect.


You can let them know at that time if you intend to audition. An audition fee of $30 cash (exact change please) is payable at this time to secure a spot.


So now you only have one step left…..


Step 3 – The formal audition

This involves you coming early to a Thursday night rehearsal where you will spend between 15-30 minutes with a panel comprised of the Artistic Director, Assistant Artistic Director and one of the Section Leaders. 


We promise it wont be nearly as scary as is sounds!


At the audition you will be required to sing scales, do some call-and-response clapping patterns, sing a basic harmony with the panel, and perform an up-beat piece of music of your own choice, unaccompanied, that shows your voice at its best. The song you sang for your video clip will be fine, or you might like to choose something different.


An ability to read music is an advantage although not essential; however we are looking for excellent pitch, rhythm and confidence.


If you'd like to audition to join us please email us a and we'll get the process started!