Welcome to Soulfood
a 50 voice ensemble singing a mix of Motown, funk and retro-pop in 5 parts, a cappella!

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  Winners of the 2009, 2011 and 2013 John Lamble Foundation Australasian Choral Championships People's Choice Award and Most Innovative Staging Award, Short+Sweet Voices Festival 2015

What others are saying about Soulfood's 10th Anniversary concerts at the Sydney Opera House ....


"....transported, delighted, entertained from start to finish!"


"you guys were amazing"


"When describing this talented group, words like adventurous and creative, quirky and funny come to mind but just don’t cover it."


"So good!!! Loved the performance!"

10626580_101528066641.jpg - large

".... the second act just kept getting better, right through to the encore!"


"They get better every time I hear them!!!!!"

"Choreography ... kept us visually stimulated and guessing all night."


"Awesome show guys. Love your work!"



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